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Naturally Better Tilapia

Hybrid Tilapia, a new generation of our unique premium Tilapia fish.

We are proud to raise our Tilapia to the highest standards so that the quality of the product is guaranteed to reach our loyal customers. More than that, we are proud to cultivate fish in a responsible way for environmental sustainability”

Get to Know Tilapia Fish

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Whatever the cut, our tilapia keep their shape thanks to their firm texture

Get to Know Tilapia Fish

tilapia-new-cut-fresh tilapia-new-cut-fresh-oke

Whatever the cut, the dense texture of Tilapia keeps it in shape

Feel the Freshness of our Tilapia Fish

  • Our Tilapia fish are raised in oxygen-rich fresh water lakes
  • Using environmentally-friendly low phosphorus floating feed
  • Using the floating net cage method, ensures that our Tilapia do not eat algae or soil which can contaminate the taste. Produces premium quality, white, layered and delicious Tilapia.

...definitely healthier

Tilapia is the right and healthy choice for breakfast, snacks, main menus, and diet menus. Healthier, because Tilapia fish is high in protein without fat, but low in calories and carbohydrates. Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, as well as other essential nutrients, enhance the deliciousness and benefits of a piece of Tilapia.

Our commitment to “Naturally Better” quality ensures there are no bad chemicals and antibiotics in the premium Tilapia you will consume.