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Doing Well by Doing Good

Blue Food Movement

Proud to support the Blue Food Movement

Regal Springs®️ supports the aims of the Blue Food Movement, as defined by the Blue Food Assessment (BFA), an international joint initiative bonding over 100 interdisciplinary scientists from more than 25 institutions.

Blue Foods have now become not only a national issue but a global one with increasing challenges by the day.

Tilapia currently stands as one of the best protein sources for fulfilling the food needs of communities, cultivated in a sustainable and responsible manner.

By implementing sustainable cultivation practices, Regal Springs is contributing to the transformation towards a sustainable, healthy, and resilient food system based on local resources and wisdom.

Our Three Pillars of Sustainability

We make sustainability a core business of the company. From every step we cultivate Tilapia fish, Regal Springs Indonesia strives to have a positive impact by integrating environmental, social and corporate governance activities. With the spirit of sustainability, we are committed to providing healthy-nutritious food while enhancing global food security, promoting a responsible aquaculture industry, and contributing to the Blue Food Movement.