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A sensationally luscious taste wowing foodies! Regal Springs’®️ tilapia loins earn an 86% overall positive rating.

At the recent International Taste Institute, of Brussels, Belgium, an international body dedicated to the recognition of top-quality foods and beverages, Regal Springs’®️ tilapia loins gained a two-star excellence award. The independent judges are drawn from a large panel of celebrity chefs and sommeliers who serve in famous restaurants, many with Michelin stars, and expertly taste the products for a full range of attributes, using standard ‘blind’ testing techniques.

Regal Springs’®️ tilapia loins achieved an overall rating of 86%, with particular distinction for taste, texture, appearance and natural look. A selection of their judgements includes:

“..a very impressive product with clean, white flesh and a fine, flawless, well-balanced taste, that is very enjoyable and straightforward, easily accessible and appealing to a wide audience.”

“It has a great visual appearance, and its appetising golden crust adds to the taste experience. It looks natural and authentic.”

“Its texture is superb, with firm flesh that flakes away nicely with a fork. Solid structure and hold, with great flexibility in all the right places.”

“It has a fresh, inviting nose with natural aromas of fish.”

Petra Weigl, Director for Regal Springs’®️ Europe commented: “Of course, we were very pleased to be awarded this recognition, which only confirmed to us what we have always known, that Regal Springs’®️ produces the highest quality tilapia, what we call ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’.”