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Regal Springs’® Tilapia Loins Earn an 86% Overall Positive Rating, Impressing Foodies Worldwide

Regal Springs’® tilapia loins have captivated taste buds with their sensational and luscious flavor, earning an impressive 86% overall positive rating. The recognition came at the prestigious International Taste Institute in Brussels, Belgium, an esteemed organization dedicated to honoring exceptional food and beverage products.

The judging panel comprised renowned celebrity chefs and sommeliers from distinguished restaurants, including those adorned with Michelin stars. These experts, using blind testing techniques, meticulously evaluated Regal Springs’® tilapia loins for various attributes, ranging from taste and texture to appearance and natural appeal.

Receiving a two-star excellence award, Regal Springs’® tilapia loins demonstrated exceptional qualities that set them apart. The judges were enamored by the clean, white flesh, which boasted a flawless, well-balanced taste, making it immensely enjoyable and accessible to a wide audience.

The appetizing golden crust added to the visual appeal, enhancing the overall taste experience. The judges praised the authentic and natural appearance of the loins, which showcased their commitment to producing top-quality, natural products.

The texture of Regal Springs’® tilapia loins was commended for its superb firmness, allowing the flesh to easily flake away with a fork. Its solid structure and flexibility in all the right places impressed the judges, further emphasizing the exceptional quality of the product.

In addition to the remarkable flavor and texture, the tilapia loins were noted for their fresh and inviting aroma, evoking the natural essence of fish.

Petra Weigl, Director for Regal Springs’® Europe, expressed delight at the recognition, affirming that it reaffirmed their long-held belief in producing the highest quality tilapia. Referred to as “Naturally Better Tilapia,” Regal Springs’® commitment to excellence continues to impress food enthusiasts worldwide.