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Naturally Better Tilapia

Fish raised the right way

Extending opportunity in the fish

We’re the leading vertically integrated supplier of fresh and frozen tilapia, championing innovative, eco-friendly aquaculture that supports the welfare of our fish, the surrounding environment, and local communities.

Green Today - Blue Tomorrow

“We don't get the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

Serving the best Tilapia in the world is Regal Spring’s way of realizing that value.

“Naturally Better Tilapia” is cultivated responsibly with minimal risk to the earth. We want to keep food stocks sustainable, healthy, nutritious and easily accessible for future generations.

We lived by this value 30 years ago and will continue to live by it in the future, upholding our founding principle of “doing good things in a good way”.

“Doing well by doing good”

The Purity of a Freshwater Lake

Where we grow our Tilapia

Deep oxygen-rich freshwater

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What makes us better?

Regal Springs Indonesia is an integrated aquaculture company in Indonesia. We operate Tilapia aquaculture responsibly; starting from the hatchery, cultivation, processing, and distribution, until nutritious Tilapia fish are ready to be served. We ensure that the entire process is integrated and sustainable with a 100% traceability system.

Local Employees
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Tilapia Fish per Year
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Why Tilapia from Regal Springs?

High Protein and Vitamin D

Low Fat

Free of Antibiotics and Chemicals

Soil Odor Free

Fulfill National and International Certification Standards

Fresh and Natural Taste

Soft and Dense Texture

Protection Glazing 6-8%

White Flesh Color


Cultivated in Freshwater Lakes

Time to get tempted!

Serve the best food for your family with healthy and nutritious Naturally Better Tilapia. Come try our chef’s recommended recipes!

“It’s the fish that makes your dish”

Their Smiles Become Our Encouragement

Empowering the community

Regent of Toba Regency Ir. Poltak Sitorus
with Regal Springs Indonesia during the Tilapia restocking activity

As well as serving nutritious Tilapia, we are also committed to:

  • Increasing the potential of a sustainable aquaculture industry
  • Playing a role in the Blue Food Movement to accelerate the transformation of the food system needed by humans and the earth
  • Provide a stimulus for economic growth and create jobs
  • Empowering communities through harmonious environmental and social development programs

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Our Commitment to Product Quality and the Environment

Our various national and international quality certifications guarantee that the way we process and produce "Naturally Better Tilapia" products meets strict requirements and conforms to good fish farming practice standards.

Insight from Alois Hofbauer, CEO Regal Springs®

From our very foundation in 1988, alongside the pristine lakes of Java, Indonesia, Regal Springs has always been committed to a vision of sustainability, community involvement and excellence of our premium Tilapia, captured in our motto ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’.

Our focus on the environment, especially the magnificent lakes and forests of Indonesia, Honduras and Mexico, has become ever stronger. We see the world waking up to the critical importance of preserving our precious planet, reflected in the accelerating global trend towards the Green and Blue Food Movements, which we fully endorse in our sustainability policies and practices. Our ultimate goal is to contribute substantially to the International Campaign through Sustainable Aquaculture to Safeguard the Future of Seafood for Future Generations.

In the words of Ben Halpern, marine biologist and Director of UC Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis: “It’s not a question of ‘if’ aquaculture will be part of future food production but, instead, ‘where and when’.”

Since our tilapia farms are all based in developing areas of the globe, we have through long experience recognized the importance of sustaining the communities in which we work. We have embodied these supports in our comprehensive and pioneering ‘We Care’ program, which includes health, educational, cultural, and environmental activities to enrich the lives of those around us.

In other words, we enhance the positive impact of our operations on our local environments, whilst progressively mitigating any unfavorable impacts.

All these endeavors contribute to the unrivalled excellence of our plump and succulent Tilapia, for our customers and consumers to relish, and which we nurture without the use of antibiotics or preservatives, to produce a delicious, nutritious and healthy fish, and which provide a protein- and vitamin-packed meal for countless families in our American and European markets.

If you feel strongly about protecting the Planet, then join us in the “Move to Blue”.

Alois Hofbauer