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4 Best Routes for Motorcycle Touring Around Lake Toba

Lake Toba, with all its natural beauty, has become a magnet for adventure motorcycle enthusiasts who want to experience the charm of Indonesia’s nature firsthand. Surrounded by lush mountains and blue waters, Lake Toba is the perfect place to explore Indonesia’s natural beauty on a motorcycle. Here are four of the best routes for motorcyclists looking to explore the beauty around Lake Toba!

1. Bakara Valley Panorama Route

Image: Google Maps

This route, located in Huta Lontung, Muara, North Tapanuli, North Sumatra, offers a thrilling motorcycle touring experience. With winding roads and twists along the way, riders will be treated to breathtaking views, with Lake Toba majestically stretching in the distance.

The greenery of the trees combined with the blue of the lake creates a stunning panorama. Not to worry, as not far from this route, there are various restaurants and cafes as comfortable resting places to enjoy the natural beauty while enjoying local dishes.

2. Simbolon Purba Route

Image: Google Maps

This route, located in Jl. Simbolon Purba, Rianiate, Pangururan District, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra, offers an enjoyable experience for motorcyclists seeking adventure along the lake’s edge with stunning hillside views.

Through this route, riders can enjoy the tranquil beauty of Lake Toba’s shores. With towering cliffs on one side and calm waters on the other, exploring this route is a feast for the eyes and soul.

Various rest areas are available along this route, including restaurants and cafes serving delicious local dishes and Indonesian cuisine.

3. Simpang Gonting View Point

Image: Google Maps

This route, located in Jl. Arianboho, Turpuk Limbong, Harian District, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra, offers spectacular views for motorcyclists seeking a touring experience with dramatic effects.

With a combination of steep green hills and beautiful curves of Lake Toba, this spot is a favorite for many to take a break while enjoying the exotic natural scenery. Along this route, riders will find many facilities, such as dining places and accommodations to meet their needs during the journey.

4. Siringo Waterfall Route

Image: Google Maps

This route, located in Silalahi, Silahisabungan, Dairi Regency, North Sumatra, offers a different touring experience from other routes. Suitable for those seeking tranquility and serenity, this route offers a quieter and more natural experience.

Although there are not many facilities available along this route, riders will be treated to views of the calm and peaceful Lake Toba. However, riders need to be cautious as this route is quite narrow, has minimal lighting at night, and lacks many facilities such as shops.

Those are the 4 routes around Lake Toba that are worth exploring for motorcycle enthusiasts. However, before starting your journey, it is essential to ensure that your vehicle is in prime condition and ready to conquer the diverse terrain around Lake Toba. Pay attention to safety factors, such as wearing helmets and protective clothing. Also, don’t forget to bring practical and nutritious travel snacks, such as tilapia fillets from Regal Springs Indonesia.

By preparing well and choosing one of these four best routes, you will find an unforgettable motorcycle touring experience around Lake Toba. Enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty and safe riding!