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Let’s Interact with 3 Types of Animals Around Lake Toba!

A number of observers and wildlife conservation activists in North Sumatra have conducted biodiversity surveys around Lake Toba. According to Chairunas Adha Putra, an observer and wildlife conservation activist in North Sumatra, from monitoring carried out for four months, at least 78 species of birds, mammals and reptiles were found around the Lake Toba area. Some of them are endemic species and animals protected by the Law on the Conservation of Living Natural Resources and Ecosystems (KSDAE).

Let’s explore 3 interesting types of animals around Lake Toba that you can interact with!

1. Visit the Sibaganding Monkey Breeding and Rehabilitation Center in Parapat


Located in the village (Huta) of Sibaganding, about 40 kilometers from the city of Pematang Siantar, the Sibaganding Monkey Breeding and Rehabilitation Center is an interesting place to observe and interact with protected animals such as monkeys and primates. Visitors can witness the daily lives of these primates in an environment similar to their natural habitat.

Additionally, the caretakers have provided special food that can be purchased at affordable prices to feed these animals. Visitors can feel safe and comfortable feeding the animals as they do not bite; simply raise your hand high and toss the food one by one.

2. Play with Elephants at Aek Nauli Elephant Conservation Camp

The Aek Nauli Elephant Conservation Camp (ANECC) in Simalungun Regency is an exciting destination to meet Sumatran elephants. Located in the Aek Nauli Special Purpose Forest Area (KHDTK), this camp houses four Sumatran elephants in a well-maintained environment.

Visitors can enjoy entertaining and impressive elephant intelligence shows and take photos with these elephants by purchasing affordable elephant food. Additionally, the strategic location makes ANECC easily accessible from the cities of Pematangsiantar or Parapat, allowing visitors to add unforgettable experiences to their journey to Lake Toba.

3. Call Siamangs at KHDTK Aek Nauli


The Aek Nauli Special Purpose Forest Area (KHDTK) offers a unique experience to call siamangs, an endemic primate of Sumatra Island. With an edutainment concept, visitors can learn more about wildlife while enjoying delightful interactions.

Siamangs can be called using a trumpet made from buffalo horn, and visitors can witness the intelligence and uniqueness of these animals firsthand. By participating in this activity, visitors will not only have a valuable experience but also contribute to wildlife conservation efforts.

Don’t Forget to Bring Snacks for the Trip

With various exciting experiences around Lake Toba, make sure to bring delicious and practical snacks to accompany your adventure. Tilapia Fillet from Regal Springs Indonesia is an ideal choice to enjoy with friends or family during the journey. Let’s start your adventure and explore the stunning natural beauty and biodiversity around Lake Toba!