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Collaboration between Regal Springs Indonesia and Serdang Bedagai Regency Government Holds Mass Booster Vaccination for Employees

In support of the efforts of the Serdang Bedagai (Sergai) Regency Government to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission, Regal Springs Indonesia, through its KAMI PEDULI (We Care) Against Covid-19 program, collaborated with the local government of Sergai Regency to conduct a mass booster vaccination for employees at the company’s operational site in Sei Nagalawan Village, Pantai Cermin District, Sergai Regency, North Sumatra, on Friday (02/25/2022).

“We are thrilled that our KAMI PEDULI program, especially in supporting the Sergai Regency Government in accelerating the vaccination rate, can be carried out sustainably. We hope that the support from the local government and all parties involved can contribute to achieving a rapid communal immunity, especially as the national spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is currently high,” said Dian Octavia, Head of Sustainability & Community Affairs at Regal Springs Indonesia.

The mass booster vaccination activity was also supported and attended by Dr. Abdul Rahmat, Head of Pantai Cermin Community Health Center (Puskesmas), Captain Noor Rasyid, Commander of the 08/PC Pantai Cermin Military District, Naga Kisar, Community Safety Officer (Babinkamtibmas), Aiptu M. Tambunan, Pantai Cermin Police Chief, and Aiptu Junaidi, Deputy Pantai Cermin Police Chief.

“The success of the Covid-19 vaccination program can be achieved when the community and all sectors work together. So, for the public, don’t hesitate to come to the nearest healthcare facility. Along with health protocols, vaccination plays a crucial role in controlling this Covid-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Abdul Rahmat, Head of Pantai Cermin Community Health Center, Sergai Regency, North Sumatra.

Grace Suryadi, Director of Human Resources at Regal Springs Indonesia, explained that the mass booster vaccination activity is a continuation of the first and second phase vaccination programs conducted since 2021. “This time, we facilitated approximately 500 employees to receive booster vaccinations from AstraZeneca. It is hoped that this program can help enhance the immunity of employees and their families against the possibility of Covid-19 exposure, thus maintaining productivity,” explained Grace.

Regal Springs Indonesia has been actively implementing Covid-19 response programs since mid-2020. More than 3,000 individuals living around the operational area have received the first and second doses of the vaccine through vaccination campaigns organized by Regal Springs Indonesia in collaboration with KODAM I Bukit Barisan and Sergai Regency Government in the operational areas of Sergai Regency, Ajibata District of Toba Regency, and Lontung District of Samosir Regency. Additionally, Regal Springs Indonesia regularly provides nutritious supplementary food aid to the community, healthcare equipment to Posyandu (integrated health posts) in several villages, and other programs aimed at preventing Covid-19.