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Launch of Regal Springs Indonesia


Regal Springs Indonesia Launches, Unveiling 5-Year Consumer Brand Strategy and World-Class Sustainability Investment


  • Investment in a new consumer brand, Regal Springs Indonesia, by the world’s largest responsible white fish producer, Regal Springs Group.
  • The new product line of Regal Springs Indonesia is called Naturally Better Tilapia.
  • Indonesia becomes the first country in Asia to offer the Naturally Better Tilapia product range.
  • Supported by the Total Integrated Sustainability Program in Fish Farming, a world-first initiative called KAMI PEDULI, which is also the first Sustainable Fish Farming and Fish Processing Program in Indonesia.
  • Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia will be the first responsibly produced Tilapia product line in Indonesia to feature the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) logo on its packaging.

Regal Springs Group, known for producing high-quality Tilapia and its commitment to environmental and community care, announces a major Consumer Brand and Sustainable Investment Strategy in Indonesia.

Achim Eichenlaub, Chief Executive Officer of Regal Springs Group and owner of Regal Springs Indonesia, states:

“As the world’s largest integrated responsible Tilapia producer, providing over 27,000 direct and indirect jobs, we are proud to announce the next phase of development after 31 years of pioneering responsible water farming and community support.

Under new ownership, we are committed to ensuring that our business in Indonesia continues to lead in water farming and fish processing. To demonstrate this, we are introducing a world-class Tilapia product locally to the Indonesian community under the brand Regal Springs Indonesia – Naturally Better Tilapia.

I am thrilled about this investment, considering that Indonesia is the birthplace of our globally recognized Regal Springs Group. We aim to bring world-class food standards to Indonesia, which will undoubtedly benefit new consumers in the country. Our Naturally Better Tilapia product is supported by a unique integrated sustainability program called KAMI PEDULI 2023, which also helps position Indonesia at the forefront of responsible water farming and fish processing.”

Regal Springs Group has allocated significant resources to launch the Regal Springs Indonesia consumer brand – Naturally Better Tilapia. After two years of development, the product line is now available in Indonesia.

Yeri Afrizon, Head of Sales & Marketing at Regal Springs Indonesia, says:

“Welcome to the launch event of Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia! High-nutrition fish of the highest quality without antibiotics or chemicals – pure, high-protein, low-fat fish. I am proud to announce that the Regal Springs Indonesia – Naturally Better Tilapia product line is now available to the Indonesian community.

This investment strategy marks a new era for our business in Indonesia. Our new owners have invested over US$3 million solely in developing KAMI PEDULI 2023, internationally known as Regal Springs KAMI PEDULI, and we are reaping the benefits for this nation.

We are proud that this world-first sustainable aquaculture program has been designed in such a comprehensive manner and has become the most ambitious sustainable fish farming and fish processing program in Indonesia. This forms the foundation of the Naturally Better Tilapia product line from Regal Springs Indonesia. It means that Indonesian consumers can now enjoy world-class fish, just like the products we export to meet international demand,” says Yeri Afrizon.

Regal Springs Group, the owner of Regal Springs Indonesia, which operates and serves customers worldwide, ensures that KAMI PEDULI 2023 aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The primary goal in the initial phase of the program is to consistently produce the Naturally Better Tilapia product range from Reg

al Springs Indonesia for the Indonesian and export markets, with well-structured environmental management programs, community support, and product standards. The KAMI PEDULI 2023 plan will ensure that Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia continues to dominate the Tilapia product category.

Sammy Hamzah, President Commissioner of Regal Springs Indonesia, adds:

“A considerable amount of work has been done on this journey. We have recruited new experts and managers and have begun implementing the KAMI PEDULI business philosophy across all operations to move toward a new standard of sustainable operations. This approach is necessary to maintain high operational standards throughout Indonesia in producing the Naturally Better Tilapia product range from Regal Springs Indonesia.

The beautiful aspect of Regal Springs KAMI PEDULI is that the Regal Springs Group allows us to reinvest export business profits back into Indonesia to support the KAMI PEDULI program, which will ultimately benefit Indonesian products and consumers.

The entire business is united behind this strategy. I am impressed with how the new owners not only expect the newly established Regal Springs Indonesia to uphold very high international standards in fish farming and fish processing but also pay respect to the heritage of the pioneering community business in Java since 1988.”

Yeri Afrizon, Head of Sales & Marketing at Regal Springs Indonesia, enthusiastically adds:

“All our attention, passion, and expertise are devoted to producing Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia. Our unique fish can be prepared in various cooking styles, and our customers and consumers can trust that Regal Springs Indonesia – Naturally Better Tilapia is high in nutrition, low in fat, low in calories, and entirely free from antibiotics, additives, preservatives, or water-retaining chemicals.

When you purchase and consume Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia, you are enjoying fish that is truly natural and pure.

We are proud to introduce two Naturally Better Tilapia products from Regal Springs Indonesia to the Indonesian consumers, with the same world-class quality as our exported products: Naturally Better Tilapia Fillet, packaged in 200g, and Naturally Better Tilapia Fish Head, packaged in 650g. Regal Springs Indonesia’s Naturally Better Tilapia Fillet has various advantages and health benefits. It is high in protein and vitamin D, low in fat, and has a tender texture and flavor suitable for various local and international recipes, with No Muddy Flavor. The Naturally Better Tilapia Fish Head from Regal Springs Indonesia is a unique and convenient product ready to be prepared as a favorite family dish. It has a delicious taste and No Muddy Flavor. Both product ranges of Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia are now available in various supermarket chains in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang, and Bandung. They will soon be available in other major cities in Java, Bali, and Sumatra.

Chris Ninnes, CEO of Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), says:

“In 2012, Regal Springs Indonesia became the first Tilapia producer in the world to be ASC-certified, as they met stringent requirements for environmental responsibility and social practices in fish farming.

Congratulations to Regal Springs Indonesia for taking a step forward as the first producer in Indonesia to feature the ASC logo on their new Naturally Better Tilapia product packaging.

The company has made an important and positive commitment to providing local consumers with the choice of responsibly farmed fish products and raising awareness of the benefits of the ASC program.”