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Preventing Early Childhood Stunting: Valuable Tips for Parents

Dear Mothers, in this month (June 29, 2021), the 28th National Family Day will be initiated by BKKBN (National Population and Family Planning Board) under the theme “Cool Families Prevent Stunting” with the hashtag #COOLFAMILIESPREVENTSTUNTING. But what exactly is stunting? And how can it be prevented?

Stunting has recently been a hot topic of discussion, particularly among mothers. Stunting is a developmental disorder that can occur in children, resulting in shorter height compared to their peers of the same age. However, stunting can be prevented from an early stage, even during pregnancy.

Stunting can be caused by genetic factors, poor sanitation, and inadequate nutritional intake during pregnancy. Meeting nutritional needs from pregnancy to the child’s second year of life (the first 1000 days) is one of the ways to prevent stunting, while continuously monitoring their growth.

Now, dear mothers, here are some tips to prevent stunting in children, which can be implemented as early as during pregnancy. Let’s take a look:

Fulfill nutritional needs during pregnancy

A relatively effective measure to prevent stunting in children is to consistently meet nutritional needs during pregnancy. Mothers can obtain sufficient nutrition by consuming fruits, vegetables, and high-protein sources like Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs.

Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke

To ensure the healthy growth of the fetus, pregnant mothers should avoid exposure to cigarette smoke. Exposure to cigarette smoke increases the risk of premature birth or low birth weight. If there are family members who smoke at home, it is advisable to ask them not to smoke indoors. However, if mothers are outside the house, exposure to cigarette smoke can be prevented by wearing a mask.

Provide exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, followed by nutritious complementary foods

After giving birth, it is recommended for mothers to provide exclusive breastfeeding for six months to their precious little ones. The whey protein and colostrum present in breast milk are believed to enhance the baby’s immune system, which is still vulnerable. When the baby reaches six months and above, mothers can introduce complementary foods that are rich in nutrients. Mothers can consider using Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs as an ingredient for complementary feeding, ensuring the little one’s nutritional needs are met.

Continuously monitor the child’s growth and development

Mothers should regularly monitor the growth and development of their child, particularly their height and weight. Take the child for regular check-ups at Posyandu (integrated health service post) or specialized pediatric clinics. This way, it will be easier for mothers to identify early signs of developmental issues and take appropriate actions.

These are some tips to prevent stunting in children from an early stage. Remember to fulfill your family’s nutritional needs by consuming Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs products.