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PT Aqua Farm Nusantara: Media Plays a Key Stakeholder Role

PT Aqua Farm Nusantara (Regal Springs Indonesia) held a casual discussion with media personnel in Toba to foster a professional relationship between the company and the media on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, in Ajibata, Toba Samosir.

During the meeting, attended by 10 journalists and editors, Kasan Mulyono, External Affairs Senior Manager of Regal Springs Indonesia, emphasized the importance of mass media as a significant stakeholder for the company and its crucial role in society.

“Regal Springs Indonesia is committed to actively working towards building a professional relationship with the mass media in the Lake Toba region, just as we consistently do in other areas of our company’s operations. We believe that through mutual understanding and respect, we can establish a professional relationship that enhances understanding and the important role of the company in North Sumatra Province,” said Kasan Mulyono.

PT Aqua Farm Nusantara believes that through proactive and responsive communication, the company can engage better with the mass media in North Sumatra. “This aligns with our company’s mission and values, which involve collaborating with all stakeholders in such a way that our company’s operations and Naturally Better Tilapia products meet legal requirements, sustainability criteria, and the expectations of our customers and consumers,” added Kasan Mulyono.

PT Aqua Farm Nusantara is an aquaculture and fish processing company headquartered in Medan. The company’s primary product is Naturally Better Tilapia, a high-quality fish produced for both the domestic and export markets.

PT Aqua Farm Nusantara operates in North Sumatra and Central Java, employing approximately 4,000 individuals, most of whom are recruited from the surrounding villages.

Currently, PT Aqua Farm Nusantara is implementing the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program, the world’s first integrated sustainability program in the field of aquaculture specifically for Tilapia, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.