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Regal Springs – How KAMI PEDULI Addresses Covid-19

For over 32 years, Regal Springs Indonesia has operated with a commitment to producing high-quality Tilapia responsibly, providing natural and nutritious food to consumers while supporting the communities where we operate.

These steadfast principles are now more important than ever as Regal Springs Indonesia faces the challenge of continuing to provide Naturally Better Tilapia to consumers and communities amidst the threat of Covid-19.

Our hearts and minds go out to all those affected by this pandemic. We would like to express sincere appreciation for the tireless efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO), governments, various organizations, healthcare workers, communities, and volunteers working to contain the spread of Covid-19.

We want to inform you that we activated the Regal Springs Indonesia Covid-19 Risk Management Plan three weeks ago, placing the safety and health of our employees, stakeholders, and consumers as our top priority. We are diligently monitoring the Covid-19 situation hour by hour and have implemented various health and safety procedures, as well as precautionary measures and education to ensure the safety of our employees, communities, and those directly involved with us.

Regal Springs Indonesia will continue to monitor information from health and disease prevention agencies, as well as research and development centers related to Covid-19, and strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, relevant government agencies, and other health organizations.

We express our gratitude to all members of the Regal Springs Indonesia team for their care and concern for our company during this challenging situation. Rest assured that throughout Regal Springs Indonesia, we always prioritize the health and safety of our employees, communities, stakeholders, and consumers.

Thank you for your continuous trust in Regal Springs Indonesia and our Naturally Better Tilapia products.