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Regal Springs Indonesia Holds Nusantara Recipe Competition Using Tilapia as the Main Ingredient

Medan, October 2, 2020 – Regal Springs Indonesia is once again hosting a competition to create Indonesian-inspired recipes using Naturally Better Tilapia products from Regal Springs Indonesia. This is the fourth edition of the competition, which took place in September 2020.

“Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are conducting this activity digitally through social media, using the tagline #MasakDiRumahAja (#CookAtHome),” said Ratna Yudythia, Senior Marketing Manager at Regal Springs Indonesia.

The public’s response to the competition has been quite delightful, with many participants submitting their creative recipes. Participants are required to create recipes using Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia. They need to showcase their recipes on their social media accounts and register their recipes at the following link:

“This is one way to introduce the practicality of Naturally Better Tilapia products from Regal Springs Indonesia, which can be cooked in various creative and diverse recipes. Tilapia fillets can be prepared not only by frying them with flour but also by transforming them into various dishes,” explained Ratna.

All the recipes submitted in this competition will be evaluated by a panel of judges from Regal Springs Indonesia, including Chef Devina Hermawan, a finalist from MasterChef Indonesia Season 5, and Chef Chandra Yudasswara, a renowned senior chef and restaurateur in Indonesia. “The judging criteria will include the participants’ creativity and skill in utilizing Regal Springs Indonesia’s Naturally Better Tilapia products to create practical, delicious dishes inspired by various authentic Indonesian cuisines,” added Ratna.

The Inspirasi Tilapia recipe competition has been held since 2019, with a total of 5 editions in 2020. “The winners will be announced during a live Instagram event in December 2020, and they will receive exciting prizes such as a two-door refrigerator, a free-standing stove, a food processor, a cookware set, and a cash prize of millions of rupiah.”

“This marketing campaign aims to increase consumer awareness of the Naturally Better Tilapia brand from Regal Springs Indonesia and enhance user experiences with Naturally Better Tilapia products. Naturally Better Tilapia products from Regal Springs Indonesia are produced through responsible and sustainable aquaculture and processing practices in line with the integrated sustainability values of KAMI PEDULI,” concluded Ratna.