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Regal Springs Indonesia Implements Fish Harvesting Technology for Responsible and Sustainable Aquaculture

As part of its ongoing commitment to invest in the Sustainability program KAMI PEDULI (We Care) by Regal Springs Indonesia under the KAMI PEDULI Environment pillar, the company has announced the implementation of fish harvesting pump technology for more responsible and sustainable aquaculture at the Ajibata dock in Toba Regency.

“This new technology is not designed to reduce the workforce. This investment aligns with our KAMI PEDULI program for the Environment to enhance our sustainability performance. This new harvesting pump will have many positive impacts on aquaculture operations in the lake and other users in the area,” said David Tampubolon, Head of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability.

He explained that this new and more sustainable technology will reduce barge traffic on the lake. “This pump technology will also reduce fish mortality, thereby effectively enhancing environmental resources. It will improve the environmental performance of our harvesting operations through reduced energy consumption,” explained Tampubolon.

Tampubolon also clarified that this new and more responsible technology will not have any impact on the number of employees in the fish farming unit.

“The company has no plans to reduce the number of employees in the fish farming team. Instead, we will enhance the efficiency of the responsible Lake Toba Aquaculture Unit through the implementation of this technology,” said Tampubolon.

Furthermore, he added that the company is currently collaborating with the North Sumatra Provincial Environmental Agency to conduct a specific environmental study for the new responsible and sustainable harvesting technology, so that it can be implemented promptly.

“Regal Springs Indonesia works every day to meet environmental standards in all aspects of company operations through the application of our KAMI PEDULI values for the Environment,” said Tampubolon.

Regal Springs Indonesia complies with Indonesian government standards, national standards for Good Aquaculture Practices (CBIB), and several international independent standards, including the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP).

Regal Springs Indonesia is a responsible and certified Tilapia aquaculture and integrated processing enterprise. The company produces premium products under the brand Naturally Better Tilapia for domestic and international customers. Regal Springs Indonesia implements the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program, which is the world’s first integrated sustainability program for aquaculture and Tilapia, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.