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[PRESS RELEASE] Supporting Nutrition & Protein Improvement, Regal Springs Indonesia Conducts Health Education

Simalungun, January 5, 2024 – Regal Springs Indonesia (PT Aqua Farm Nusantara) continues to support the government’s “Gemarikan” program (Popularizing Fish Consumption) by providing nutrition and protein education to students of State Elementary School (SDN) 091464 Parapat, Girsang Sipangan Bolon Subdistrict, Simalungun Regency on Friday (02/02).

In addition to nutritional education on the importance of nutrition, Regal Springs Indonesia collaborates with the school, Health Department, and Education Department of Girsang Sipangan Bolon Subdistrict to also conduct health examinations, coloring contests, and tilapia fish eating activities involving approximately 192 students.

Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs Regal Springs Indonesia, Arum P. Handayani, explained that this activity is the company’s effort to increase public awareness of the crucial role of high-protein food sources, one of which is fish.

Dr. Menti Siburian, a nutrition education speaker from Parapat Regional General Hospital, explained that the health examinations and nutrition education aim to raise awareness among students to adopt the habit of consuming animal protein, such as tilapia.

“Tilapia is one of the fish rich in nutrients, a source of vitamins A, D, and B6. In addition, this protein source is also rich in niacin, vitamin B12, phosphorus, which are very good for bone growth,” said Dr. Menti Siburian.

She also explained that animal protein from tilapia fish can enhance brain intelligence, prevent damage, and repair damaged body cells.

Head of 091464 Parapat, Tiurmalina Sirait, S.Pd, expressed gratitude to Regal Springs Indonesia for the visit and the successful implementation of this activity.

“Hopefully, in the future, we can collaborate again. Thanks be to God, the students who underwent the examination today are in good health,” said Tiurmalina.

CSR Manager Regal Springs Indonesia, Agam Junaidi Sinaga, stated that this activity is planned to be held periodically in schools around the company’s operational area.

The event was also attended by the Regional Coordinator of the Education Department of Girsang Sipangan Bolon Subdistrict, Agustinus Sitanggang, Head of Trantib Section Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Risnayati Agustina, Lurah Parapat, Juniarli Sinaga, SH, and Chairman of the Committee of SDN 091464 Parapat, Gomgom Roy Ambarita.

About Regal Springs Indonesia

Regal Springs Indonesia is a pioneer in responsible fish farming business in Indonesia since 1989 and is one of the food and manufacturing companies that employs more than 2,000 employees in North Sumatra.

In 2018, Regal Springs Indonesia launched the “KAMI PEDULI” Social Responsibility and Sustainability program focusing on three pillars: Environment, Social, and Economic. This is the first integrated sustainability program for tilapia fish farming. In all its operations, Regal Springs Indonesia always emphasizes environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation. This is evident from the achievement of Regal Springs Indonesia as the world’s first tilapia fish producer to operate responsibly according to the Good Aquaculture Practices (CBIB), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and GAA BAP standards.