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Tips for Choosing and Identifying Fresh Fish

Mom, fish is highly nutritious and consuming fish is beneficial for our bodies. But sometimes you may still find it confusing to select and identify fresh fish, right? Well, this time will share some tips on choosing fresh fish. Let’s check them out, Mom.

  1. No Strong Odor Fresh fish should not have a strong, pungent odor. Fresh fish looks good in terms of appearance and has a pleasant sea or aquatic smell.
  2. Bright and Shiny Skin Choose fish with firm bodies and shiny, scales that are intact.
  3. Fresh Gills Take a look at the fish’s gills. If they are bright red and fresh, it indicates that the fish is still fresh. Avoid buying fish that appear pale, unhealthy, or slimy.
  4. Firm and Elastic Flesh Fresh fish has firm and elastic flesh that retains its shape when touched. Avoid choosing fish that feel mushy.
  5. Clear Eyes Fish with black, protruding, and clear eyes are signs of freshness. Avoid fish with cloudy or dull eyes.

These are some tips on how to choose and identify fresh fish, Mom. You can use these tips when selecting fish at the market or supermarket.