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BLUE FOOD INNOVATION SUMMIT: Transitioning from Green to Blue

Regal Springs attends the BLUE FOOD INNOVATION SUMMIT in London, England (14-15/5). The event, attended by 315 participants from 41 countries worldwide, discussed the fact that the world is transitioning from green to blue. This means that seafood (blue food) is currently the most traded food product globally and is crucial for global food security and nutrition. Therefore, properly conserving the oceans has become a top priority on the sustainability agenda.

The concept of sustainability has been ingrained in REGAL SPRINGS’ DNA since its establishment over 30 years ago. Alois Hofbauer, CEO of Regal Springs, stated that the company’s goal is to serve the world’s best Tilapia, the ‘Naturally Better Tilapia,’ while also contributing to safeguarding the future of seafood and preserving the health of the planet for future generations. The initial commitment to a green planet now embraces the rapidly emerging trend towards the BLUE FOOD MOVEMENT.