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Boosting Productivity of Local Youth, Regal Springs Indonesia Supports Local Catfish Farming

Medan, September 21, 2021 – To strengthen the role of small business owners in the vicinity of its operational areas, Regal Springs Indonesia provides support for the development of catfish farming to the Toba Tabo Youth Group in Parsaoran Ajibata, Ajibata District, Toba Regency, North Sumatra on Tuesday (21/09).

The donated facilities and infrastructure consist of two sets of freshwater tarpaulin ponds, 20,000 catfish fingerlings, starter and growth feed, water pumps, and other necessary equipment.

David Tampubolon, Head of Corporate Affairs at Regal Springs Indonesia, stated that every business owner should support local economic activities during this pandemic period. “The implementation and development of catfish farming using freshwater tarpaulin ponds is one effective innovation to become a productive commodity within the local community. The ongoing pandemic demands collaboration from all parties to generate something productive,” Tampubolon said.

Frendo Samosir, Chairman of the Toba Tabo Group, mentioned that catfish farming can serve as an efficient business alternative in Ajibata District. “We express our gratitude to Regal Springs Indonesia for accommodating our interest in implementing this adaptive catfish farming and providing a solution for us, who have been impacted by the pandemic, to remain self-reliant and empowered,” Samosir said.

This assistance, which is part of the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program, is one of the various initiatives undertaken by Regal Springs Indonesia to play a role in creating economic activities and supporting the community during the pandemic. It is also in line with the Toba Regency’s program to establish productive businesses, including fish farming, which can serve as a solution to meet the food and nutrition needs of the Toba community.