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Supporting Economic Improvement, Regal Springs Indonesia Provides Tilapia Fish Seedlings Assistance to the Serdang Bedagai Community

As part of the efforts to revive the economy of the communities surrounding the company’s operational areas during the ongoing pandemic, Regal Springs Indonesia, through the KAMI PEDULI program, has provided assistance in the form of tilapia fish seedlings to the Serdang Bedagai community on Thursday (09/09).

The assistance was accompanied by the Chairman of the Serdang Bedagai Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD), dr. M. Riski Ramadhan Hasibuan, SH, SE, MKM, the Head of the Marine and Fisheries Agency of Sergai, Sri Wahyuni Pancasilawati, and the Head of Bengkel Indra Village, and it was received by livestock groups in Bengkel Village, Lidah Tanah Village in Perbaungan Sub-district, and Bogak Besar Village in Teluk Mengkudu Sub-district, Sergai Regency.

“Hopefully, this assistance can contribute to the economic recovery of the Serdang Bedagai community, especially in terms of regional economic restoration during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Riski Hasibuan.

Apart from being cultivated by the local community, the tilapia fish seedlings also serve as one of the company’s efforts to enhance river ecosystems.