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Regal Springs Indonesia Delivers Community Project KAMI PEDULI in Wonogiri

Wonogiri, Thursday, February 20, 2020

Regal Springs Indonesia (RSI), in collaboration with local government officials, handed over two community projects as part of the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program in Wonogiri, Central Java on Thursday (20/2).

“Today, together with local government officials, we have handed over the housing improvement project for three families to support the local government program. We have also inaugurated the completion of the village bridge repair project to enhance accessibility for the local community,” said Dian Octavia, Community Affairs Senior Manager at PT Regal Springs Indonesia (PT RSI).

“The housing improvement project was implemented through a partnership between Sendang Village and Regal Springs Indonesia. We worked together to improve houses recommended by the Village Government, as it is a priority program of Wonogiri Regency, aiming to make these houses healthier and more habitable,” explained Dian.

Regarding the bridge project, the company has upgraded the wooden bridge structure to a concrete bridge, providing safer and better access for the local residents. It is expected that improved access will further enhance the village’s economy, Dian added.

“These two projects are part of the implementation of the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program for the community in the water and infrastructure sectors,” said Dian.

Regal Springs Indonesia is a responsible aquaculture and processing company based in Medan. In June 2019, Regal Springs Indonesia launched a 5-year integrated sustainability program called KAMI PEDULI Regal Springs. The program has established ambitious operational standards and new sustainability initiatives, all aimed at producing a range of Naturally Better Tilapia products. The goal is to ensure that Regal Springs Naturally Better Tilapia products meet the highest quality standards for both domestic and export markets.

Currently, Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia holds certifications from the British Retail Consortium for Good Manufacturing Practices, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Farming for Responsible Aquaculture, ASC Chain of Custody for Traceability, ASC Social Module for Social Standards in Aquaculture, Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) & Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) for Responsible Aquaculture, as well as Ethical Trading & Social Compliance for Factory Social Standards.

Regal Springs Indonesia operates in North Sumatra and Central Java, employing approximately 3,500 employees, most of whom are recruited from surrounding villages.