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Regal Springs Indonesia Targets Domestic Sales of 2 Million Packs of Tilapia

Tangerang, Saturday, February 29, 2020 – In 2020, Regal Springs Indonesia aims to achieve domestic sales of 2 million packs of Naturally Better Tilapia, an increase from 700,000 packs in 2019, through over 1,000 marketing outlets spread across major cities in Indonesia.

“Naturally Better Tilapia products are increasingly favored by consumers in Indonesia because our fish are naturally raised in deep water without the use of antibiotics. Our Tilapia products are high in nutrients, low in fat, rich in protein and vitamin D – perfect for a balanced and healthy diet without worrying about chemicals or additional preservatives,” said Ratna Yudythia, Senior Marketing Manager of Regal Springs Indonesia, during a Cooking Class event at AEON BSD Supermarket in Tangerang on Saturday (February 29).

More and more consumers in major cities in Indonesia are becoming familiar with Naturally Better Tilapia products, leading to an increasing demand for various preparations of Naturally Better Tilapia. “That’s why we regularly organize these cooking class events to meet the public’s demand for easy and practical recipes using Naturally Better Tilapia as the main ingredient,” said Ratna Yudythia.

“Consumers can also consult directly with Chef Yadi, the Inhouse Chef of Regal Springs Indonesia, regarding tips and tricks for cooking Naturally Better Tilapia for their families,” she added. Furthermore, she mentioned that these cooking classes have been conducted in various cities and have received enthusiastic responses from participants, especially mothers.

Meanwhile, Kasan Mulyono, External Affairs Senior Manager of Regal Springs Indonesia, added that Regal Springs Indonesia carries out Tilapia cultivation and processing responsibly, both environmentally and socially.

“We implement an integrated sustainability program called KAMI PEDULI, which includes sustainability initiatives and social programs,” said Kasan. “We are the largest responsible Tilapia producer in Indonesia,” concluded Kasan.

About Regal Springs Indonesia

Regal Springs Indonesia is an aquaculture and responsible processing company that is part of the Regal Springs Group, a Swiss-based company headquartered in Singapore. Regal Springs Indonesia is based in Medan and operates in North Sumatra and Central Java, employing approximately 3,500 employees, most of whom are recruited from the surrounding villages.

In June 2019, Regal Springs Indonesia launched a comprehensive 5-year integrated sustainability program called KAMI PEDULI Regal Springs. This program has set ambitious operational standards and new sustainability initiatives aimed at producing a range of Naturally Better Tilapia products. The goal is to ensure that Regal Springs’ Naturally Better Tilapia products meet the highest quality standards for both the domestic and export markets.

Currently, Naturally Better Tilapia from Regal Springs Indonesia holds certifications such as Processing Eligibility Certificate (SKP) from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, British Retail Consortium for Good Processing Practices, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Farming for Responsible Aquaculture, ASC Chain of Custody for Traceability, ASC Social Module for Social Farming Standards, Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) & BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) for Responsible Aquaculture, and Ethical Trading & Social Compliance for Factory Social Standards.