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Regal Springs Indonesia to Launch Education Scholarships for Students from Toba and Samosir Regencies

In line with the “KAMI PEDULI (We Care)” Sustainability Program, Regal Springs Indonesia is launching education scholarships for local students from Toba and Samosir Regencies in North Sumatra.

“We will provide educational scholarships to 20 college students from Toba and Samosir Regencies to help alleviate their tuition costs,” said D. Tampubolon, Head of Corporate Affairs at Regal Springs Indonesia.

Regal Springs Indonesia will announce the procedures and requirements for scholarship applications. “We will socialize this good initiative to village heads and local education officials and make an official announcement,” explained Tampubolon.

Tampubolon added that they hope to further support educational development in the area through these scholarships. “We are launching the education scholarship program this year after receiving input from stakeholders. Moreover, it is the right time as many parents are facing economic challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, these supportive scholarships will alleviate their financial burden and help students complete their studies, eventually leading to employment opportunities,” Tampubolon clarified.

In addition to scholarships, as part of the “KAMI PEDULI (We Care)” and Community Support education programs, Regal Springs Indonesia also provides assistance to honorary teachers in Toba and Samosir Regencies. Previously, Regal Springs Indonesia conducted computer training for small businesses in Parapat.

Regal Springs Indonesia operates a certified responsible Tilapia aquaculture and integrated processing business. The company produces premium products under the brand Naturally Better Tilapia for domestic and international customers.

Regal Springs Indonesia implements the “KAMI PEDULI (We Care)” Sustainability Program, which is the world’s first integrated sustainability program for aquaculture and Tilapia, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.