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Supporting Sustainable Tilapia Fish Cultivation, Serdang Bedagai Regent Visits Regal Springs Indonesia

Toba (18/03) – As one of the efforts to introduce sustainable Tilapia aquaculture operations, Regal Springs Indonesia (PT Aquafarm Nusantara) received a visit from Serdang Bedagai Regent Darma Wijaya and his staff to the Tilapia fish farming location in Lake Toba, North Sumatra on Saturday (18/03).

One of the visiting activities was introducing the company’s commitment to carrying out operations, especially in responsible Tilapia fish farming by minimizing the impact on the environment by reducing the ecological footprint. Such as water quality monitoring and testing programs in the laboratory, the harvesting process, and the provision of environmentally friendly low-phosphorus floating fish feed.

Lake Manager Regal Springs Indonesia, Friska S. Saragih explained the aquaculture programs that are sustainable and integrated with optimal traceability run by the company starting from the hatchery in Serdang Bedagai to growing Tilapia fish in Lake Toba. “As part of fulfilling environmental standards in the company’s operational areas and protecting ecosystems, we have initiatives and innovations in responsible fish farming methods. Among them are superior tilapia hatcheries in our own location, premium and highest quality tilapia fish production by taking into account the impact and ecological footprint, regular routine sampling of water and sediment quality tests in Lake Toba,” Friska explained.

Serdang Bedagai Regent Darma Wijaya takes the company seriously, in this case by supporting Regal Springs Indonesia in carrying out sustainable and integrated operations, from seeding, growing to processing. “With the PT Aquafarm Nusantara nursery and processing factory in Serdang Bedagai, we hope that in the future it will be even better, especially in increasing production capacity, so that the positive impact is to create more jobs, maintain the food supply chain and a more conducive investment climate, especially in North Sumatra,” explained Darma Wijaya.

For its commitment to meet and comply with the requirements and standards that apply to the aquaculture industry, Regal Springs Indonesia has received the highest certification both nationally and from an international independent certification body. Among them are certification of Good Aquaculture Practices (CBIB), Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard.

On this occasion, Serdang Bedagai Regent Darma Wijaya was also accompanied by Serdang Bedagai Deputy Regent Adlin Umar Yusri Tambunan, Serdang Bedagai Regional Secretary Muhamad Faisal Hasrimy, and Head of Serdang Bedagai Environment Service Hedi Novria.