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Commander of Military Region I/Bukit Barisan Visits Regal Springs Indonesia

Serdang Bedagai (05/04) – Regal Springs Indonesia (PT Aquafarm Nusantara) welcomed the visit of the Commander of Regional Military Command (Pangdam) I/Bukit Barisan Major General TNI Ahmad Daniel Chardin, SE, Msi and his entourage at the Tilapia Regal Springs Indonesia fish processing factory, Serdang Bedagai Regency, North Sumatra, Tuesday (04/04).

The visit from Pangdam I/Bukit Barisan was in the framework of carrying out a series of main tasks and functions of the Regional Military Operations, increasing cooperative relations between the two parties, as well as introducing Tilapia fish processing operations which ended with an agenda for breaking the fast together (buka puasa bersama).

Pangdam I/Bukit Barisan Major General TNI Ahmad Daniel Chardin in his remarks thanked Regal Springs for the opportunity to stay in touch. “One of our functions is developing territorial potential, and the Serdang Bedagai area is one of the areas where we need to pay attention to the potentials in it indirectly. In the future, we hope that there will be collaboration and cooperation between the two parties, such as training and social-environmental programs, in order to create conducive security through our human resources,” said the Military Commander.

Regal Springs Indonesia was represented by Regal Springs Indonesia Independent Commissioner Marsda (Purn) Prayitno Ramelan. In his remarks, Prayitno expressed his gratitude for the visit and friendly relations. “We are very proud to be one of the companies in North Sumatra that received a visit from the Pangdam I/Bukit Barisan. We hope that this visit can be the start of creating and strengthening harmonious and sustainable synergies in various fields. Not only to support government programs, but also to improve the economy,” Prayitno hoped.

One of Regal Springs Indonesia’s efforts to contribute is to create jobs for the community around the company’s operational areas. Through the factory visit, the Pangdam and his entourage saw directly the flow and processing of Tilapia fish, such as the receiving, fileting, skinning, trimming, grading, layering, packing, cold storage, value added areas with more than 1,500 employees in Serdang Bedagai Regency.

Regal Springs Indonesia’s Processing Plant Director, Sri Rusmianawati, explained sustainable aquaculture programs and Tilapia fish processing that prioritize integrated and environmentally friendly processes. “Currently we process around 110-120 tons of tilapia/day which are produced into several products to meet export and domestic demand including filets, loins, portions, fish heads and by-products that can be processed and utilized by other industries to increase circulation and commitment to zero waste. Such as fish scales which are used for chitosan and the cosmetics industry, belly contents for biodiesel and skin for gelatin,” said Ana.

During this visit, Pangdam I/Bukit Barisan Major General TNI Ahmad Daniel Chardin was accompanied by Korem 022/Pantai Timur Commander Colonel Infantry Luqman Arif, S.IP, Asintel Kasdam I/Bukit Barisan Infantry Colonel Robianto Gadji, S.I.P, As-ops Kasdam I /Bukit Barisan Colonel Infantry Hindratno Devidanto, SE, Aster Kasdam I/Bukit Barisan Colonel Arhanud Dedi Hermanto, S.I.P, M.T, Commander Kodim 0201 / Medan Colonel Infantry Ferry Muzawwad, SIP, M.Sc and Commander Kodim 0204/Deli Serdang Lieutenant Colonel Czi Yoga Febrianto, S.H., M.Sc.