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Regal Springs Indonesia Supports the Potential and Investment Development of North Sumatra Province.

Medan (05/26) Regal Springs Indonesia (PT Aqua Farm Nusantara) realizes the importance of support and contribution from business actors to open investment opportunities, potential, and partnerships to drive economic growth, especially in North Sumatra. Along with the rapid development and innovation of local products ready to compete in the export market, Regal Springs Indonesia participated in the 9th Innovation and Investment Week event at Istana Maimun Medan, North Sumatra on May 24-26, 2023.

“We fully support the regional government’s program, especially how to open investment opportunities, expand access for SMEs, and improve the economy. Through this participation as well, Regal Springs Indonesia wants to introduce and educate the public to enjoy eating fish because fish food ingredients are easily obtained, rich in nutrients and nutritional value,” said General Manager Farming Regal Springs Indonesia Don McIntyre.

He also added that currently, Regal Springs Indonesia is striving to contribute to the Blue Food Movement, where the company optimally operates aquaculture or productive utilization of fisheries resources sustainably and environmentally aware. “This movement encourages us to continue to foster relationships and collaborate with every related sector so that we can also play a role in opening access to job opportunities,” explained Don McIntyre.

The Regent of Toba District, North Sumatra, Poltak Sitorus, when visiting the Regal Springs Indonesia booth also revealed that collaboration between private parties and companies needs to be maintained. “We need to maintain investment together and continue to develop innovation, especially in attracting tourists to Lake Toba,” said Poltak Sitorus.

In this event participation, Regal Springs Indonesia presented various activities and collaborated with various parties, including Health Talk “Fulfilling Toddler and Pregnant Mother Nutrition Through Fish Protein” with speakers Widodo, S.Pi Aquaculture Analysis in Fish Cultivation, Marketing and Processing of Fishery Products North Sumatra Marine and Fisheries Service and dr. Liza Apsera Sp.A and Senior Marketing Manager Regal Springs Indonesia Ratna Yudithya; Cooking class & competition attended by Chairwoman of PKK Serdang Bedagai Regency Rosmaida Saragih; Chef Exhibition with the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) BPD Sumut, as well as collaboration with SMEs that present various superior products around the company’s operational area.