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Promote Healthy Balanced Lifestyle, Regal Springs Indonesia Holds Health Talk on the Importance of Fish Protein

Jakarta (17/06) In welcoming National Family Day, Regal Springs Indonesia (PT Aqua Farm Nusantara) is educating the Indonesian community about the importance of the benefits of fish protein. Referring to data from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), fish consumption in Indonesia was 56.48 kg/capita in 2022. This figure increased by 2.39% compared to 55.16 kg/capita in 2021.

Looking at the trend of fish consumption figures in Indonesia, which has continued to increase in recent years, it has become a momentum for Regal Springs Indonesia to continue campaigning for the Fish Eating Movement. This effort is packaged in the Regal Springs Health Talk webinar “Living Healthy and Balanced with Fish Protein” held today (17/06).

Rudolf Hoeffelman, President Director of Regal Springs Indonesia, said in his speech, “Through this regular program, Regal Springs Indonesia wants to educate the importance of maintaining high-nutrient food intake, including fish, because it can maintain the quality and resilience of family food. The presence of Tilapia fillet products from Regal Springs Indonesia is one of our efforts to provide quality food ingredients that are in accordance with the needs of the community in maintaining family nutrition,” said Rudolf.

The importance of consuming protein as one of the macro-nutrients was also emphasized by Dr-Ing. Dase H, S.T.P., M.Food ST Food Nutrition Expert. “It is important for families to pay attention to high-quality protein as one of the foundations of nutrition. In a piece of fish, such as Tilapia, there is not only protein but also minerals, omega-3s, vitamin D, and other important nutrients for building body tissues. Not only that, with protein, the skin can be brighter, maintain fluid and cell balance, and strengthen antibodies or body immunity. Even in 100g of Tilapia fish, it can meet an individual’s protein needs up to 34% per day,” explained Dr. Dase.

On this occasion, another speaker, Dr. Adrian Setiaji, who is also a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Resident, explained that protein is crucial for the body. “The main function of protein is cell regeneration. Protein included in macro-nutrients is formed from essential amino acids. To meet this protein requirement, we need to get it from the food we consume, including animal and plant protein,” said Dr. Adrian. “10-15% of the energy source needed by a person comes from protein. To optimize the function of protein in the body, we also need to balance it with regular exercise or sports. So, this protein can really become optimal as a building and regenerating substance for cells,” added Dr. Adrian.