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[PRESS RELEASE] Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland Expresses Deep Appreciation During Regal Springs Indonesia Visit

Medan, September 18, 2023 – Regal Springs Indonesia (PT Aqua Farm Nusantara) warmly welcomed the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland, Ngurah Swajaya, and his delegation to the company’s operational areas in Kabupaten Serdang Bedagai, Toba, and Samosir, North Sumatra, on September 15-16, 2023. The visit was accompanied by Regal Springs Indonesia’s President Commissioner, Sammy Hamzah, and President Director, Rudolf Hoeffelman.

This visit, beyond being a moment of camaraderie, is also part of Regal Springs Indonesia’s efforts to introduce stakeholders to how the integrated, responsible, and sustainable cultivation of tilapia fish benefits both the ecosystem and the community.

In his address, Ngurah Swajaya, the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland, expressed deep appreciation for the efforts made by Regal Springs Indonesia. “This has been an extraordinary experience, and I am extremely proud to witness the enthusiasm, motivation, and dedication of the employees here,” Ngurah remarked.

Furthermore, Ngurah added that continuous efforts by management to motivate employees have far-reaching impacts beyond the company. “The strong desire of employees to introduce the world’s best tilapia, found in Lake Toba, will also have positive effects on the well-being of families, communities, and the surrounding environment,” he added.

During the visit’s agenda, the Indonesian Ambassador and his delegation had the opportunity to witness the natural tilapia fish breeding process. The visit also included a factory tour, an inspection of the laboratory facilities for periodic water quality testing and monitoring, and a tour of the cage areas where tilapia fish are cultivated.

Rudolf Hoeffelman, President Director of Regal Springs Indonesia, who accompanied Ngurah Swajaya, expressed gratitude for this honorary visit. “We are highly optimistic about the future of premium tilapia cultivation in Indonesia, and we are wholeheartedly committed to making positive changes,” Rudolf stated.

Rudolf also expressed his hope for collaboration with the government in developing a sustainable aquaculture industry. “We aspire to contribute to the growth of the aquaculture industry, which, in turn, will play a role in ensuring food security, creating employment opportunities, and boosting the economy,” he added.

One of Regal Springs Indonesia’s efforts to contribute to the local community includes providing employment opportunities to the local population in and around the company’s operational areas, spanning Kabupaten Sergai, Kabupaten Toba, and Samosir Toba. Currently, more than 2,000 individuals benefit from training and human resource development programs aimed at increasing productivity.

About Regal Springs Indonesia

Regal Springs Indonesia is a pioneer in responsible fish farming business in Indonesia and is one of the food companies that employs over 2,000 employees in North Sumatra, operating since 1989.

In 2018, Regal Springs Indonesia launched the “WE CARE” Social Responsibility and Sustainability program, which focuses on three pillars: Environment, Social, and Economic. This is the first integrated sustainability program for Tilapia fish farming.

In every operation, Regal Springs Indonesia always prioritizes environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation. This is evident in Regal Springs Indonesia’s achievement as the world’s first Tilapia fish producer to operate responsibly according to the standards of Good Aquaculture Practices (GAP), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and GAA BAP (Global Aquaculture Alliance Best Aquaculture Practices).