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PT AquaFarm Nusantara Delivers Health and Education Programs

PT AquaFarm Nusantara symbolically handed over healthcare equipment, supplementary food for children and the elderly, as well as learning materials for early childhood education (PAUD) as part of the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program in Ajibata, Tobasa Regency, North Sumatra, on Friday (11/22). 

“Through this program, we hope to support improvements in health and education in this region,” said Dian Octavia, Community Affairs Senior Manager at PT AquaFarm Nusantara, during the handover event attended by village heads and community leaders. Dian stated that through the KAMI PEDULI healthcare program, which aligns with the local healthcare initiatives of Tobasa Regency, the company provided healthcare equipment, tables, and chairs to health centers. “We also provide supplementary food for children and the elderly in this area,” added Dian.

Meanwhile, the educational support provided to the community focused on the PAUD program. “Early childhood education is crucial as the foundation for children’s education, and the child population in this area is growing rapidly. Therefore, we focus on the PAUD program by providing school equipment and teaching aids to enhance the quality of early childhood education through collaboration with the Ajibata Village Government,” explained Dian. 

PT AquaFarm Nusantara is a responsible aquaculture and fish processing company headquartered in Medan. The company’s flagship product is Naturally Better Tilapia of high quality, produced for both the domestic and export markets.

PTAN is a foreign investment company from Switzerland and is owned by the Regal Springs Group based in Singapore. PTAN operates in North Sumatra and Central Java with approximately 4,000 employees, mostly recruited from the surrounding villages. 

PTAN implements the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program, which is the world’s first integrated sustainability program in the aquaculture industry specifically for Tilapia, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.