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Stakeholders Appreciate Regal Springs Indonesia’s KAMI PEDULI Program

Since its implementation in 2019, Regal Springs Indonesia’s KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program has received positive feedback and appreciation from local governments and communities in the Tobasa, Samosir, and Serdang Bedagai Regencies. 

“Both the local government and the local communities have shown tremendous support and enthusiasm in collaborating with us to implement the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program,” said Juan Carlos, President Director of PT Aqua Farm Nusantara, during a media workshop in Ajibata, Tobasa Regency, on Friday (11/22).

“We are delighted with the acceptance and collaboration of the local government and communities towards Regal Springs Indonesia’s KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program. Our ultimate goal is to produce the highest quality Tilapia for the Indonesian and global markets, as this will generate income for the company, enabling us to support the prosperity and well-being of the local communities where we operate. 

We can all take pride in the fact that our Naturally Better Tilapia is recognized as the best product in the market, and this product is produced by our employees in North Sumatra,” said Juan Carlos. He further explained that the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program consists of three core initiatives: caring for the environment, supporting and engaging with communities, and producing naturally better Tilapia.

During the workshop, the achievements of Regal Springs Indonesia’s KAMI PEDULI Community Program in 2019 were presented by Dian Octavia, the Community Affairs Senior Manager responsible for the program’s initiatives in education, healthcare, infrastructure, lake and water conservation, as well as reforestation. 

Regal Springs Indonesia is a responsible aquaculture and processing company headquartered in Medan. All of Regal Springs Indonesia’s business efforts under the KAMI PEDULI program are directed towards producing a range of Naturally Better Tilapia products of the highest quality for both the domestic and export markets. 

Regal Springs Indonesia operates in North Sumatra and Central Java, employing approximately 4,000 employees, primarily recruited from the local communities. In June 2019, Regal Springs Indonesia launched the KAMI PEDULI Sustainability Program, the world’s first fully integrated sustainability program for the aquaculture industry, specifically for Tilapia, and is associated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.